Mallorca Wedding Photography | Sophie and John's wedding @ Fata Morgana

Sophie and John's wedding @ Fata Morgana

Every King his Queen...

John King met his future wife Sophia in London. He had just arrived from Wellington, New Zealand to start a new adventure. And a new adventure it turned out to be....

Sophia is from the Ukraine; from the Black Sea coastline with its forested mountains. It was in Kiev, close to the beautiful gold domed St. Sophia's Cathedral where she was born.

Two very different worlds, that came together on an island in the Mediterrenean.  Family and friends from all over the world gathered in 5 villa´s in the centre of Ibiza, Sant Lorenzo.

New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, America,  Europe and South Africa: a great mix  of  different people celebrating the love between John and Sophia. It was a such a pleasure to photograph this three-day-wedding on different locations. It was great to see and photograph the difference between the two countries, Ukraine and New Zealand. .

A great meet-and-greet party with dinner was given in a pure Ibiza Style. The ceremony was held in one of the most beautiful resorts on the Island , Fata Morgana...High in the hills close to San Lorenzo. Spectaculair was the cutting of cake in Ukraine style...just a big bang on the traditional cake with a big wooden stick...priceless...and big fun..

John wanted special New Zealand food on the wedding, so mainly rabbit and sheep were served, in a  traditional way. The catering was done by the La grande bouffe catering ibiza.

On the third day a brunch was given in the afternoon followed by a big party with a few different dj's  at Fata morgana...

The most favorite spot on the island of the couple is Benirras, so there  we had a lovely photoshoot..

I was impressed to see that in a short time people all over the world with complete different traditions were so close together.